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    Welcome to Lords of Anvarath Empty Welcome to Lords of Anvarath

    Post  Olander on Tue Jul 13, 2010 5:40 am

    Thanks for stopping by and registering.

    For those familiar with previous Olander Servers.....Lords of Anvarath is a different beast. The size and variety of the previous World of Anvarath, the fun of Lords of Middle Earth, and the Role Play of all the Modules.

    This Server is in it for the Long Haul. To be honest...I was tired of building in Middle Earth and then....there were the Team Member issues...we need not go into that. I am sorry about that.

    So...what will find in this Server?
    - Highly Quality Environments.
    - Outstanding Role Play and Unlimited Challenge.
    - The Brand New ORSv6 (Olander's Realistic Systems v6) which is LoA Only.
    - The Old Favorites....Camping, Resting, Hunger, Thirst, Fatigue
    - The Olander's AI for a more realistic AI thought process with a massive boost to performance.
    - The Famous OAI Critical Kills.
    - Massive Changes to the Game Engine...like Spell Casting Spells Per Day
    - Fatigue Based Spell Casting....50 Fatigue Per Spell Level
    - Casted Spells are almost all Maximized and continue gaining Power as the Caster Levels to 40...not just 20 like normal. This means A LOT more Power!!
    - Huge Hitpoint Changes for all Characters....Log in and find out.
    - Brand New ORSv6 Crafting....with 6 Tiers of progression.
    - Randomized Markets....for an ever Changing Variety in Purchased Goods.
    - Flats and Houses....Housing has a Furniture Market for you to Purchase and Decorate your own House. (Not Open Yet...based upon Player Loading)
    - Auction Hall....Sell that shit....junk....cool stuff you collect at the Auction Hall. (Not Open Yet...based upon Player Loading)
    - High Performance Spawning System (ORSv6) reduces lag and increases performance substantially.
    - Randomized Spawning....for more variety Spawns....including Monstrous and Legendary Spawns.
    - Horses and the Mounted Combat System. Horses are Level Dependent...Level 15 for a Starter Horse....then up based upon Style of Horse.
    - Pack Animals.....you remember them.
    - Pets.....Now with Combat Ability and XP Sharing. (Coming Soon)
    - Companions.....Hire a Companion....Dress them up....They will help keep you alive. (Coming Soon)
    - Umm....and much much more.

    So....stop in and take a look....you will be hooked.


    Small Note: Unlike many of the Olander Servers....LoA brings the Power Back to all Casters. The Damage Output can be very High. To balance that...the Fatigue (similar to a Mana based system was created). Of course....different creatures have different abilities....so...that is the fun in knowing your opponent. So....want to be a Mage? Bring on the power casting and make your way to the Hall of Heroes....if you can last.

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