A New Anvarath (LoA) Beginning


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    A New Anvarath (LoA) Beginning Empty A New Anvarath (LoA) Beginning

    Post  Olander on Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:33 am

    A New Server has been purchased with a spiffy new router (6 months ago)

    Thanks to Twistedwolf and BlackRavan....the push to NWN and NWN2 had begun.

    Anyhow....the old LoA server had crashed. This you all knew. Others tried to run it but it crashed. TW and I finally figured out why it was crashing for you folks. Something in my server config was allowing me to run the module just fine. Anyhow, we have that figured out.

    Which means....LoA has a couple of Downloads (Self Installs) that will update Anvarath.


    The other part of the story you folks did not know long ago...no sense for me to whine. I repainted the entire North...120+ areas. The module crashed badly while testing it in solo play (LoA/ORSv6 can run both Single and Multiplayer no problem). After a solid head beating....I got the 120+ areas online. And fired up the Server with the updates. This is when the server finally had enough. I finally figured out what the issue was...but since some of you were also crashing when trying to run.....it was time to go on to something else. LoTRO (Landroval) was a lot of fun. Stars Wars (swtor) was fun for 7 months. Then NWN surfaced again.

    Initially it was BlackRavan and Nuingaer who wanted to play the Original Anvarath. I tried to update it to v1.69, CEPv2.3, and RTC but it would just not work. Really buggy. Leaving it at v1.67 it where it is. To get the New Horses and new ORSv6 Tech....LoA already had it in. Just had to resolve the crashing issue. It ended up being WoRMs Excellent Tilesets....which...he updated.

    So...now LoA has a few new Treats in as well as the Crashing Issue resolved. I really do love painting, scripting, and designing fun to play modules. NWN2 is the next step....thanks TW....it has turned out to be a very nice game!


    Anvarath (LoA) is up and will be up for a long while. How long? At least until January. There shall be an Anvarath NWN2 by that time. TW and I spoke at length....Anvarath NWN1 should go up and the Old Anvarath should be Merged into Lords of Anvarath. Let it be a Sandbox for all of us to play in. Our own addiction to a fantastic place to play. No worries about population. Just plain fun. Campaign Runs into the Ass Kicking fun of Anvarath Combat. The style addiction of the Mirror. The Companions that will follow you into the throat of doom.

    Let us just have a great place to romp and RP. The server is online and ready to be beat on. I will be playing online and painting the remakes of the Anvarath Dungeons and more. See you in game.

    Cheers and Regards

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