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    Server Information and Downloads Empty Server Information and Downloads

    Post  BlackRavan on Mon Jun 14, 2010 1:14 pm

    Welcome to The World of Anvarath by Don Anderson (aka Olander)

    To be able to play on the server you will have to download some small Hak packs.

    All downloads required can be found here: Anvarath DLs - CEP2.3 Download (required)

    Download Page - Lords of Anvarath Install (required) Updated 12JUN2012

    Download Page - CTPv1.4 and Lord of Worms Fantasy Interiors, Seasonal Forestv10, Mirkwoodv1.6, Travel (Required) Updated 12JUN2012

    Download Page - Lords of Anvarath Music (Optional)

    If you have downloaded CEP2.3 or the CTP Full 114 before there is no need to download them again.

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