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    Post  holty on Thu Aug 12, 2010 6:10 am

    I would like to see siege craft introduced into the game rather then buying the siege engines. (eg remove guns if you want, then you have to craft or purchase at a PC shop)

    Woodcrafting could be used to craft wooden siege engines, eg Catapults and arbalists.
    Metalworking to make cannon molds and gun mold
    Alchemy to make exploding ammo and grenades

    Im not sure of the specifics but you get the idea.(I hope)

    Either way it would require massive amounts of items (already in game)
    for the recipies.

    An off shoot of this would be to enable siege warefare.
    The castle we currently attack we can go through the doors perhaps a wall segment can be lables as attackable which we can the use siege item to break down the walls or gates to gain entry.

    The option of using rope is still avaliable so it would not be to great of a hinderance but it would be fun.

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