Quessir Ancient Temple :: Threat of the Green Dragons


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    Quessir Ancient Temple :: Threat of the Green Dragons Empty Quessir Ancient Temple :: Threat of the Green Dragons

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    The Ancient Temple built in the early days when Trond was settled by Naugrim and Quessir alike. Lord Belaril, Lady Delaquiel, and Lord Illuvial loved this place so much that they decided to link the power of their sacred Alvaern Tree into the very foundations of the stone. For every Quessir must return to the Alvaern Tree one time in every 4 seasons or they will lose their blessing of immortality. Now the Quessir had a temple close to their allies and did not have to take such a long journey to continue their vitality. The Temple of Alvaern was established.

    After many years a Mor'Quessir named Mograth came with troops from the Red Tower of Mulgoth and laid siege to the Temple of Alvaern. The waters from the sea rose and poisoned the once beautiful forest. Now much of the Koval Forest had become a swamp waste and the Temple of Alvaern began to fester. The Quessir Temple which was not fortified and only ever had few numbers fell to Mograth and her Greavers quickly. Everything that could be carried was looted and Mograth left for Mulgoth once again. She left a large force of Greaver in the temple to harass Trond and any would be adventurers.

    The fortress of Trond heard news of the attack by hunters of the Koval Forest and marched to the temple and met the Greavers. The battle was fierce and many Trondians died but the temple was cleansed of the Greavers to the last. Nelathien, a powerful Bel'Quessir mage, stepped inside the temple after the battle to see the Quessir temple once again. She began to feel a pain in her stomach then quickly she vomitted her morning breakfast. The Greaver taint and smell was heavy as rotting textiles. The magic power of the Alvaern Tree was nowhere to be felt. This once holy temple had been fully desecrated. She left the temple and returned to Trond with the rest of the army.

    Lady Delaquiel returned to the temple to magically seal the doors forever. Powerful magic that could never be broken. For centuries this had been the case but recently there had been stories of hunters in the Myribal Marsh of Ihugith near that Temple.....even entering it. The Ihugith are an intelligent race of reptilians that are always found near a dragon nest. The historians searched the scrolls for information about them and such was true. Trond marched forth to rid these Ihugith from the temple.

    The Trondian waited for no allies, opened the doors and went forth. The temple is a tight fight where the Trond army is much less effective. The Ihugith were too many and slaughtered almost all of the Trondian army. The Ihugith are masters of preservation. They gathered all of the Trondian dead and kept them fresh so that both the Ihugith and the young Green Dragon kind can feed.

    Lady Delaquiel called upon a group of Destiny Changers to seek the ancient temple out and see for their own eyes what has happened. The word was true....the door seals had been broken. The Lady of Etharil knew that only one knew the secrets of this spell.....Viersis, The Dark Witch of Mulgoth.

    Temple of Mograth
    Event: Dungeon Raid
    Date: Spontaneous Party...always playable
    Where: Eastern North Myribal Marsh
    Level: Epic Party (solid Healer highly recommended)
    Loot: Easily 500k Coin, and lots of high level gems
    Bounties: Ihugith Scent Gland, Dragon Blood, Green Dragon Scale

    30 Green Dragon Scales (can be used by Artisan Tailors to craft a Legendary Green Dragon Leather Armor....better than many Full Plates!!)

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