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    Olander's Characters.... Empty Olander's Characters....

    Post  Olander on Mon Aug 02, 2010 10:22 pm

    Some folks look at my characters and XP and wonder...."How the Hell can he level so fast and have such gear?"

    Well....the answer is....sometimes I cheat....and sometimes I don't. I can level faster than anyone normally....except maybe the Dynamic Duo of BlackRavan and Nuigaer. I know WHAT to kill to reap maximum rewards....Cheating is a 'loose' term here....because it is my job to make sure than a wide variety of classes can play this game. I need to know what classes have trouble in which places so that I can tweak and recommend properly.

    NWN is a deep game.....probably the deepest ever. No way to place a finger on something and say...yep...this is it. Too many feats....too many playing styles....too many spells and effects. So....I take a different approach.

    I never design a creature with a specific level range in mind....I design a creature to 'Behave' a certain way. This gives the creature the ability to fulfill a very wide array of difficulty to classes. Level 10 for some....Level 20 for others. This also give the effect of a smooth transition through the levels. All in All....I need to validate my thoughts.

    You will also notice that when I am in a party.....I play to the party's level. Dumb the spells down.....buff....do other things rather than wipe something out. Hence why Bards, Druids, and Clerics are my favorite classes.

    So....1 moment you may see my characters at level 10 and then at level 28 and then back down to level 18 with lesser gear....gear sustomized for Good Looks of course! hehe.

    I know what the game is....and yes....I know ALL of the creatures....there are many and I forget sometimes....but....I know soon as I see them. I am a solid player....not Uber....but very solid in many different classes. I love this game and ALL of the classes. I love to play this at level 10....not lower...all the way to level 40 into the Olander Sized Epic Challenges.

    What you will see from me is this....I will Never have ANY of my characters in the Hall of Heroes....ever. The Hall is for Players and other DMs....not me. ALL of my characters are from my Book Stories so....they are alive and part of this world. They are for RP and built for Party Combat....not typically Uber Soloing....Pernisius and Greta will be the Exceptions. You will rarely see me lose 10 Soul Runes....actually...if I get to 5 it would be extremely rare. I will typically only die when I know that I am relatively close to a Bonus Soul Rune Level. Players need Life Potions....not me. Some who don't lose Soul Runes quickly should be commended.....it is difficult in these Brutal Battles.

    So...if you see me juiced....or hanging out in the Lower Tiers....don't ask...just know. Olander has hacked another RP Character. hehehe I would expect at some points that other DM characters are 'Test' levelled as well to push and test things so that they know how to play a challenge so that they can Run DM Quests into them with some knowledge of Party Size and Difficulty. It is to be expected.

    Lastly....I am a REAL liberal giver of XP....not so much Coin....but XP galore. That has ALWAYS been how I am.....even since the 70's when PnP started. So...don't be surprised when you see XP 'Kaching' on the Olander Quests....or....simply because I appreciate the freaking AWESOME stage acting going on! hehehe

    Enough rambling....I think you folks understand. Ohh....the BEST UBER class in this Server is Cleric (40) by a titch over Mage combo with Bard (30/10).


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