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    The Children of the Wolf were an Enigma to the other Clans. They wontonly sought violence and were regarded as servants of the Darkness. Whereas the other Clans chose to live in harmony with their surroundings.

    If it was not for the superior weapons and the shear tenacity of the Tiger Clan, the Children of the Wolf would have cut a path of destruction through the other lands.

    After the Wolf Clan was subjugated peace settled amongst all the Peoples. But this was not to last for though the Wolf Clan was brought to heel, it was not broken and they bided their time.

    Eventually it came, they rebelled against the shackles of the other Clans and have again returned to their warlike ways.

    It is rumoured that agents of an evil power has come to the People of the Wolf and have led them astray. The Wolf Clan is quite but they constantly prepare for war and the other Clans watch helpless, except to watch and wait for their intentions to be revealed.

    But all is not lost because when the strangers came the People of the Wolf, Called a Great Council to decide the Peoples Path. Those that decided for war elected to follow a new War Chief they called the Dark Wolf. Those that decided against it elected their own War Chief a Great Sharman they called White Wolf. No decision was unanimously decided upon.

    A new council was to be held at the Next Full Moon. When the one they call the White Wolf was in seclusion he was attacked by a force of unknown attackers, who only left his shredded body and a strange sigil of unknown origin, some say the assassins were envoys of the evil power seeking to take control of the People of the Wolf through the Dark Wolf.

    But to take the power of the White Wolf they needed the medicine bag of the Shaman but it was gone and so was the Shamans’ Pupil. Where he is. it is not known, but until the day the council recovers it they are tied and no outright action can be taken.
    The Dark Wolf has sent warriors out into the World with the sole purpose of finding the Lost Pupil and the Medicine bag he is sure to carry.

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    Children of the WOLF Empty Draxi - WOLFBALL

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    CHILDREN OF THE WOLF – Cultural Game.
    Draxi is a game played in an arena. It is played with two teams of 5 players, and a ball made of steel and is held in the hand by a chain.(Resembles a morning star)
    The Ball is placed on the ground in the middle of the arena. Each team starts in its own half and the aim of the game is to get pass the opponents and use the steel ball to cave in the skull of the Ball King who is not allowed to wear armour or defend himself other than by evasion. He may go anywhere in the arena once the game commences, but begins at the furthest part of the arena..
    The other players are split into two and have different roles. 2 are called Ball Shields, They carry Great wooden shields and are unable to attack but can use the shields to Knockdown their opponents but they may not touch the Wolf ball.
    The remaining 2 players are the Ball Strikers. These are the only two players on each team that may pick up the Ball. They may only attempt to disarm their opponents and take possession of the Ball, once they have the ball in hand they can use it to strike the Ball King, once he is dead the game is ended and a victor is declared.
    What is the Purpose of this game?
    The Children of The Wolf were a warlike Clan who unlike the other clans sought out warfare and revelled in it. Unfortunately often against the other Clans. The other Clans eventually banded together and defeated the Children of The Wolf and forbade them to engage in wanton warfare.
    This irked the People of the Wolf, who lived for combat. They had to find an outlet for their lust of combat and so they created Draxi – Wolfball. With a furious pace and the expectation of blood the people were satisfied.
    Of course the Peoples Power over the Wolf Clan wavered and the People of the Wolf have again returned to their war like ways they have maintained the game of Draxi and have even allowed the whole outcome of a battle to be decided upon by a single game.

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    Children of the WOLF Empty People of the Wolf - Culture

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    To the outside world the Children of the Wolf are thought of as savages, often little more than animals. Those that know them will argue against this view, but none will defend the culture of the Wolf Clan.
    Everything that these people do is controlled by a reigning Shaman, almost always the most powerful Shaman, who demands proof of the Peoples devotion at every turn.
    Self Torture and harsh tasks are done to prove their devotion. Failure to pass these tests often result in a slow and agonizing death.
    The Children of the Wolf follow a warlike series of traditions. When they attack they strike with the intent to take prisoners. Unlike the prisoners taken by the other Clans those taken by the Wolf are destined to be sacrificed for the glory of the High Shaman. These traditions are being challenged by the followers of the White Wolf and his new path of a more peaceful way of life. This was of course before his death at the hand of assassins. The New Path now lies in the hands of the Swhite Wolf chosen pupil, whose whereabouts is unknown.

    The typical Wolf Clan Warrior is equipped in the following way.
    They use special short swords with a wicked looking scalloped edge. They also use barbed spears and are forbidden from using blunt weapons believing such weapons are for the weak.
    For ranged combat they use short bows utilizing arrows often coated in a paralysing agent so they can take as many uninjured prisoners as possible.
    For defence the Children of the Wolf make use of small shield of circular design, often edged with sharp blades.
    The often wear little armour instead relying upon their agility and speed to defeat their enemies blows. If they do wear armour it is often constructed from hide and leather. Often taken from their totem animal the Wolf.
    Some warriors especially those who carry the Wolf Blood (able to shape shift into Wolf Form) may elect to use a set of claws on each hand.

    The Wolf Clan way of life is also reflected in their Death rites.
    The way a person lives his life is meaningless when compared to the manner of his Death.
    If he lowliest person was to die defending the High Shaman he would be remembered as a great hero his insignificant past all but forgotten.
    Death imparts status according to its form, and there are several distinct classes of death.

    The Cowards Death is the Lowest Form of Death.
    Given to criminals or suicides, as well as to those who flees the battle field. Those who die this death are stripped of their rank and possessions. Their body dragged from the village and thrown into a swamp, bog or other dark place. They are nothing more than food for the scavengers in the wilds.

    The Lingering Death
    Those who die from injuries received outside of the defence of the Village. Or those executed by Order of the High Sharman, if they cry out or pleed they are relegated to the Cowards Death.
    These bodies are buried in common graves without ceremony. Their possessions are buried with them but no other care is taken.

    The Common Death
    Includes those who die of illness or old age. There is no shame in this death but no glory either.
    These deaths are mourned by their families , not because they died but because they died without glory.
    The body is placed on a stone altar his possessions placed about him then he is burned and his ashes scattered by the family.

    The Soldiers Death
    This is reserved for those who fall defending the Wolf Clan from their enemies. The dead would have to have had to fight to the end, neither granting or asking for mercy. Those that die in Draxi are given the Soldiers Death , but not those caught in ambush or caught of guard.
    The dead are placed on an altar outside the villages Totem Pole. Their belonging placed about them and gifts are given by those attending. They lay in state for as long as a week depending upon the degree of valour shown by their death. It is the set alight and the ashes collected and placed in an altar in the families shrine and are worshiped as ancestor spirits.

    The Heroes Death
    Those that die showing great glory and honour. In effect given to those who accomplished a great dead with their death. Those not of the People but who die in this way are adopted by the Clan and given a Heroes Death.
    As can be expected the funeral is a grand affair. The body is placed atop a stone altar outside teh High Sharman’s lodge. It Rests here for a full week. On the first day the heroes family pay their respect and place gifts. On the second to sixth day visitors come from around the lands to pay their respect. On the seventh the body it is set alight. The ashes are then collected and interned in the Great Lodge in a shrine dedicated to their worship.

    To the Wolf Clan it is sacrilegious to bring back the dead, except for those who died a Heroes Death they have earned the privilege to again die in the defence of the Wolf Clan.
    Any other who is raised is classed as a criminal and marked for death. Usually no trial is required the are captured, carried and thrown over a cliff or into a pit of hungry animals.

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    Children of the WOLF Empty Book of the Wolf : Part 1

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    BOOK OF THE WOLF : Part 1

    White Wolf flung aside the cutrtain, stepped forth, raised voices pouredforth. One look into the blazing eyes of White Wolf was enough for Cassaen to know to ask no questions.

    White Wolf glared and looked around the Village, he saw the young braves sharpening spears, the women were dying the mens war clothes and the children were busy gathering the Wild Tree Snake, Tabis, which were used to create the paralysing toxis used on the braves arrows.

    Sadness settled in his face, his shoulders dropped. Cassaen ould not resist.

    "High Shaman what was the decision of the council?", he glared anger was written across his face. I think i should have keep my council and said nothing.

    A smile, though forced, came across his face, " Worry not youngling all is not lost.", Without a second thought he began the trip back to his lodge.

    The last time the High Shaman had left the Great Council lodge he had been proclaimed The White Wolf in opposition to the Dark Wolf, Shaharn, it was a small victory against the Dark Wolf and his allies the ones we call, the Crow. Because of their Jet Black Hair small stature, dark eyes and the fact they were always wrapped in their black Cloaks.

    White Wolf turned to Cassaen, " My faithful pupil were we given a reprieve this day. We have been granted another Moon to convience the Cheifs that our path is rightious and the Path of War and Destruction that the Dark Wolf and his Crows yarn for will bring naught but death to the People. Not since the Great War and our defeat by the Tiger Clan have we faced such calamity that it could be the end if us."

    "But I fear the task will be great, the young braves remember not the destruction of the Great War, The Dark Wolf talks of returning to the old ways and the Crows bring new strange magic, saying that with their aid we are assured victory against our enemies and that all will fall before our fearlous braves. But I fear they are lies but how to convince the People."

    Again he goes silent. Cassaen follows behind bearing the crow that White Wolf asked to be brought to him. White Wolf looks to the crow. " Goto my lodge and fetch my bone bag. It is time we sought the truth of it from the Ancestors, meet me at the Vale of Spirits at Wolf Rock."

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