The Black Blood (Part 1)


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    The Black Blood (Part 1) Empty The Black Blood (Part 1)

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    A Perriannath Wifemaid had her daughter stolen from her just north of Victoria. She escaped the threat of the Mor'Quessir of Mulgoth. Her husband, who was already in Victoria for a meeting of the Constables, gathered up a force of friends and went north to find his daughter.

    A troupe of four Destiny Changers just then arrived in Victoria...Aniel, Cassaen, Haran, and Karrik. They decided to help this Perriannath Wifemaid in finding her daughter north in the Victoria Wood. Just as they came to the Hunting Lodge a battle was unfolding with Zhemduul and a Mor'Quessir. The Destiny Changers joined the fray and slaughtered the Zhemduul as the Mor'Quessir watched with delight.

    After the battle the Destiny Changers treated with the Mor'Quessir of Mulgoth. The Mor'Quessir gladly gave the location of the little Perriannath but also stated that she already had enough blood to suffice. A gift it seemed was given to the heroes.....but time was of the essence and the Mor'Quessir delayed them long enough. Loogaz the Torturer was now their prey.

    The Zhemduul were slaughtered but in the end the heroes were not in time. The Perriannath girl was bitten so badly and diseased that her blood turned black in front of their eyes. The Destiny Changers did what they thought was right....burned the body to cleanse it and then gathered up the ashes to return to the mother. They heard deep drums beating from the corners of the caves....they heard "Laghash Laghash". Unsure of the numbers behind the drums the Destiny Changers gathered up and marched out promptly. Some Zhemduul returned from their scouting but were slaughtered easily.

    As chance happens. The Destiny Changers decided to rest and wait a moment to return to Victoria with the dire news. Lord Ululithrar of Etharil was passing by and decided to treat with the Destiny Changers. Cassaen was found holding the charred black powder but unbeknownst to the Destiny Changers that black powder carried the Taint of Valsharess the 6th. The Etharil Lord worked quickly to cleanse the taint from The White Wolf...but there is yet the possibility of some spreading. The Destiny Changers fell right in the middle of the trap set my the Mor'Quessir.

    After the Taint was apparently cleansed and the Destiny Changers in no further harm. Lord Ululithrar left for Trond. The Destiny Changers strove forth to Victoria to bear the dire news to the Perriannath Wifemaid. Now a widow and childless. The Destiny Changers convinced the woman to return to Stenilov and tell her people about the importance of sticking together......Dark Times are definitely here.

    End of Part 1

    **The Taint was explained to the Destiny Changers as The Shadow's sure fire way to make The Stolen purely convert into Greaver Kind. Only Perriannath Blood would do to create the Taint and only Magical Greavers can make the Blood turn Black. The goal of The Shadow is to gain the Blood of a Destiny Changer and mix it with his best Greavers to make an Elite Greaver. A fully converted Live Destiny Changer could upset the entire balance of the War against The Red Tower of Mulgoth!

    Part 2 Shcedule: Next Saturday Afternoon CST More are requirement for the same characters.

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