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    Post  holty on Thu Jul 29, 2010 6:05 am

    It is obvious from your maps and posted information that your world is a live and vibrant one i was wondering if there was a bible of information on the World and it seperate areas.

    Ive been reluctent to do a detailed background for my characters as im not versed in the history and areas that my characters are suppose to be from.

    But I hope to remedy this when more information becomes avaliable.

    Im loving what you've done and would love to contribute to the colour of the game when my information is more detailed.

    Im especially interested in the Shojin Area my favourite PnP games are Rokugan(Legend of the Five Rings), Land of the Rising Sun a 1980 rpg game, Bushido and currently Qin the Warring States. So f you could use any input i would live to help.

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    Post  Olander on Sat Jul 31, 2010 8:40 pm

    Not really a book of sorts yet. The reason is because I have 1800+ pages written of various stories and such and am now combining and rewriting them into a cohesive unit. This server helps firm up some thoughts and ideas as well as the excellent roleplay from various players provides some really interesting characters in the stories themselves.

    So....what will be on the Website is what we will have....more will be updated of course....but....enough is there for our RP Minds to take hold and develop our own character stories. That is what is really important anyhow.....let the freedom of our own thoughts prevail and take us to places only we can go.

    The the World of Anvarath they are in essence a somewhat ally to Mulgoth Tower which is under control of Adun the 7th (daughter of Morcar). Some Shojin Tribes resist the expansion of Kasagawa so war prevails heavy in Shojin. Two of my Characters which you will see in game are Tyruuruu and Azuumuu....both sisters of a Kasagawa lord that because of their actions were to be killed but their father interevened and got them out of the city but they were never to return. Tyruuruu saw a vision of a very powerful Destiny Changer...Greta Sa Ot Vilgen of Lurson...and talked her sister into coming of the reasons they were going to be killed. So...they found Greta and that is where Chapter 2 in the first book Trials of the Righteous begins.

    The Shojin will be the next race released....however...I will make it explicitely clear that any who choose to become a Shojin will be considered outcasts of their soceity and shall never return at penalty of death. The Shojin will be a flex race good in both magic and Dexterity based combat. They would be considered an asiatic race with more Imperial China and Japan tendencies. Like the Vord...the Shojin will die to the last man if Kasagawa has made that decree....Win or problem.

    I think the timing on the Shojin will be roughly 1 month....soon as the Gap of Vynd in play.

    Thanks for your interest and compliments. Cheers Olander

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