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    God's Character's Topic

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    //Posting here my characters info, back ground and journal.

    Hassan Harper

    [Generic Information]
    Name: Hassan Harper Irtnosz
    Folk: Hedmark
    Age: 29 real, 20 apparent.
    Hair: Dark brown, some times messed in a "modern" fashionist way.
    Eyes: Dark green eyes, sometimes a bit red because of fatigue, alcohol or cigars.
    Height: 1,72m (5 feets and 8 inches)
    Wheight: 73kg (161 pounds)
    Skin: Pale/Some times lightly sun burned. No apparent scar or tattoo. Some hair on arms, thighs and legs, when possible to see, on his chest.
    Appearance: Clean, Well cared but sometimes stains of spilled ale, rum, vodka, etc.
    Clothing: Commoner clothing, loose and confortable. Despite his humble appaarance his well educated seens to have received academic teachings. Only luxury thing he uses is a signet ring on his left hand, a good look on it reveals an golden harp.
    Aura: Hassan emits happyness, intelligence and ironical humour.
    Weapons fo choice: Hassan is a terrible warrior, using anything as he can find that do some work, with good luck of course.
    Special: Has some anarchy tendences. Chaotic mind, he changes his personality at will being hard to know who is the true Hassan.

    --More info will be added later--


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    Re: God's Character's Topic

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    Eliana Cassapaua

    [Generic Information]
    Name: Eliana Cassapaua
    Folk: Busk
    Age: 24 real, 20 appatent.
    Hair: Near black/Dark Brown, some braids, one tied by a bow strings other by wood rings.
    Eyes: Hazel eyes, always on alert.
    Height: 1,65m
    Wheight: 54kg
    Skin: Tanned, no apparent hair, tattoo or scar.
    Appearance: Always very clean and well cared.(Unless told otherwise)
    Clothing: Dosent wears much clothing apart from the long leather boots she uses for hunting and leather patches. Some tribalistic fetishes (Tooth's, feathers and other hunting trophies) hangs from her neck, wrist, ankle and waist. When in colder climates she uses leather and wool.
    Aura: Eliana presence emits confidence, awaress, intuition and silence. To cast, her words are whispered in a lizard-like lenguage.
    Weapons of choice: An long handmade exquisite bow, slashing dagger's and swords. No shield.

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