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    Post  god_isbusy on Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:26 am

    Right so i'have decided to create a topic for any bug or suggestion i have, with no longer delongs, here we go.

    1 - Cooking bug.
    Location: Craft Halls
    Placeable ? Cooking Oven
    What's up ? Add butter, spice, salt and fresh meat, what do we have ? Nothing.
    In a Roasting Spit the same recipe with the same itens it works fine.
    Solution ? Maybe i need more lumber!! Or fire... Razz hell, i dont know.
    (Edit: I just found in the server a cooking pan. Maybe i need one of those to use the cooking oven ? I will try it later.)

    Yes....you need a cooking pan at the Cook Oven

    2 - Cooking suggestion.
    Location: In a nice camp near your PC bag Razz
    Placeable ? Roasting Spit
    What's up ? Right now you have to make one bird/bear/deer/fish/Generic Meat at time.
    My sugestion is to do like in CNR... If you have the ingredients for more than one recipe you have te choice to do more than once at time. The difference in CNR system and Olander's system is that in CNR you have to roll dices. I belive that in Olander you just neede to have the skill amount...
    Why the suggestion ? Cause it's a real pain to split all the ingredients everytime, then wait 30 secs, then split again and do it over and over again. Lets say... i could put 10 recipes in tehre and wait 300 seconds, instead of doing it over and over waiting 30 seconds each ? But really... Why ? Cause in real life if you going to do a dinner for 10 with a recipe for 2 you dont do the food 5 times... you muntiply the recipe amount by 5.
    (My guess it is valid for Alchemy and cooking, where you dont have to take all the attention for some details like while ataching steel plates for a full plate.)

    The ORSv6 Crafting in general is much more like Lord of the Rings Online but the recipes are scripted instead of from a table. So...every recipe is compared and scripted. CNR does things a little differently because they have static recipes (up to 3 slots) where ORSv6 Recipes can have many different components but ALSO you can make mind boggling variations from 1 Game Resource. CNR is good but....to create something....it must be made as a Palette Item...so...

    I think your point here is this....you want the Result of 10 stacked Grilled Meat right? So....why not just ask for this in the suggestion box. I can change the Recipe to Require 10 Raw to Make 10 Grilled....done. I will not do this for other things that are not 1 to 1.

    3 - Character Progression bug.
    Location: Leveling Window
    Placeable ? Hell no...
    What's up ? Leveling a full bard, where is the Ride skill ? It simple dont show up, not a class skill or cross-class skill... it just not there!
    I didint tryed other classes.
    Solution ? Maybe the Classes.2da something emssed in the Bard class ?

    Already figured this one out....I have a small patch for Stacked Items coming anyhow....can patch this fix in. The Feats are still there but the Ride Skill is not. I checked the Ride Skill in the ORSv6 Code for Barding your Horse....I removed it and forgot that I did. Barding your Hose is only Level Dependent now....I will post the Barding Rules on the Website when I add the Guild Rules.

    So...patching the Skill is probably moot point since it is not used anywhere?

    4 - Apparence bug.
    Location: Over a horse !
    Placeable ? Is a horse a placeable ? (No wood horses..)
    What's up ? While using SPECIFIC One Spear + Large Shield + Armor with Hauberk and mounting a horse... The hauber acts weird, like if you arent mounted.
    Solution ? I guess this one is in the Human model of the ah_m.mdl (I dont remenber if it is the name...) Probably a matter of making a compatibility with Hauber robe + Horses IN the Justing Stance.

    We are using CEP2.3c with ORS Addon which adds only the Greek/Roman Clothing and a couple other misc pieces. Some Robes and Cloaks (Hat, Soft Mage Hat, a few robes) will not 'stick' while mounted. Some Hauberks work fine....some do not. Stuff that does not work....sorry...not for me to fix it. Please post to the CEP Forums. If you find a Fixed Robe Set that will replace the disfunctional 'Robes' then I can patch them into the ORSv6 Addon.

    5 - Bard's Custom songs.
    Location: Hassan inner imagination
    Item: Bard's Song
    What's up ? Those Mage shop Bard's song. Cant make those works, also they stack up and overwrite themselfs.
    Solution ? ALlot of scripting and work, good luck Razz

    Well...the short answer is....Bard Songs Work....but it is the Default Bioware Ones....not bad really but the Custom Ones are really nice....so...I need to fix them. Also....sucks really....I will have to make New Bard Books that do not stack....so....probably will make them out of Books instead of Misc Med...which of course we WANT to stack! Ha Ha Ha. No Patch Required for this....just a little code to fix the script and then a bit of work to make new Books....the tough part will be the Removing of Current stuff....I guess just chuck the stuff and let a DM know how much you spent. I think....you and I are the only Bards for now.

    Hmm, so far that i remenber by head right now it's just this.

    Thanks for the attention!

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    Post  Olander on Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:30 am

    Edits Above by Olander

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    Post  Olander on Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:39 pm

    Resolved issues above.

    Patch will be on the Web Site in about 1 hour. Once the Patch is Installed and the Server Reloaded today (in about 1 hour) all will be good to go.


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