The Game Balance....what and who?


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    The Game Balance....what and who? Empty The Game Balance....what and who?

    Post  Olander on Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:07 am

    There is a little discussion going on among DMs about game balance and intent. So....I figured I would lay it out there for all to see and understand the point behind some of the Spell Saves and other things like Massive Hitpoints.

    1st - Spells:
    - ALL Casters Rule here....period.
    - Each type of Caster needs to be played properly though to suceed. The Intent is as follows.
    - Mages are damagers and AOE Specialists....they can buff....but are NOT meant to be buffers. To play a Mage properly takes some savvy and combination Mind Fog...Cloud of Bewilderment....and Cloud Kill/Acid Fog. Pets are also key. So...if you find that a creature is virtually Immune to Fort based spells....try a Will based....or try a Reflex based....mix it up. Some creatures are simply immune/high saves to Damage. Stay Flexible and keep an eye on what works and what does not.

    - Clerics are buffers and healers....NOT damagers. My philosophy on how to play a Cleric is to play them 'Backwards'. Meaning....they have the best AC right from the start....however....don't use the spells UNTIL you NEED them. Don't get caught....but don't prepare too early. Also....realize that Clerics draw heavy aggro from NPCs and Clerics MUST be in the thick of things. Right in the middle getting hammered. So...playing them properly is like playing the game backwards. Also....don't memorize the Cure Healing Spells....Clerics can instant use them for another get 2 spells for the price of one....again....backwards.

    - Druids are right between Cleric and Mages with excellent combat abilities IN NATURE. When in an ARTIFICIAL area (Keeps and such) you lose most of your bonuses but not off and become a healer. Druids are really flexible and fun to play but can't match the raw power of the Mage. Keep an eye on those Save Throws and switch things up.

    - Keep in mind that ALL spells have been modified to continue gaining power to Level 40. This is based upon Caster Level not HD....but....ALL caster Levels are calculated in this. So....Bard problem. Some spells do not work this way but most do....but ALL spells do gain power....Maximized or Extended where applicable.

    - Keep up your Fatigue....30,000 is your pool. Each Spell level is 50 so...a level 9 Spell is 450 Fatigue. Drink those Elixirs and conserve your spells where you can.

    The Art of the Tank:
    If anyone has played a Fighter or Barb you know....I have modified the classes to get some serious Hitpoints. Throw in some toughness feats and CON Bonuses and it is very easy to get over 1200 HPs at level 40. The Key to the Tank is DR (Soak type and Resistance) 1st objective is NOT AC but save that coin for DR Jewelry....make it if you have to or buy it from another player....get it...and get it early. Once you have some effectively DOUBLE or TRIPLE your Hitpoints!! Also....get those Buffers to protect your Mind!! Once that can pretty much take some serious abuse and come out of it. Notice that I did not say....Maximize Damage? Your job is the Outlast the what if the battle takes longer! Outlast them!

    Game Level Ranges:
    This is highly suggestive. Where I recommend Level 15+ this means this is the START of Soloing for a TANK based character!! Player Style and method can have a HUGE factor in this....for example....the AI will do it's best to Flank a character. Get those nasty backstabs....catch someone Flat Footed for and easy AC reduction. I designed the AI to do that....make players aware of this. So....use that to your advantage! Never rush in and NEVER let them surround you unless you know you can Cleave the hell out of them. So...back into a tree or ledge or house. Impossible to flank then. Also...if you have 4 or more on away....throw a Grenade or shoot them to weaken them at a distance. Might take well. So...a Level 15+ you feel comfortable at 12? 10? 20? It is up to YOU to decide. Soloing is a risky business even for the most savvy player....but can be done.

    Party Sizes and Levels:
    - In LoA did you know ALL Players within 45M get XP from slain enemies? Does not matter if you are in the Party or not. LoA uses True Party Tech for there is essentially Unlimited Party Sizes. Want to go on that Dungeon Raid but unsure if you can stay alive? If there is a Cleric/Druid/Monk in the have an excellent chance to stay alive.....and give the Rest of the Party an Excellent Bonus to XP! Remember....Unlimited Party Sizes AND No Power Levelling Worries. Level 40 and level problems.

    - It CAN be beaten off you in combat! You CAN lose a Weapon! So....keep a spare in your bag if you have enough room. Then when you return to it at the Crafting Hall. No worries about Jewelry.
    - If you can Buy It or Craft It or Find It you can wear it! So....have 3 or 10 characters? Have 1 of them specialize in 1 Craft and another in a different Craft. Then Make your Items....and ask a friend to transfer it to your other character....up to you how to do it.
    - Like stated above...try to get DR items early....your survivability goes WAY UP. Sure it is expensive....but making coin is not a problem if you know how.
    1 - Jewelry
    2 - Boots
    3 - Cloak
    4 - Armor

    The Bridge to the Epics:
    - LoA is designed for Epic Play....but Epic play must be Earned. So....we have Lower Tiers of challenges and quests that you can practice and get a good feel of how the AI works against you. The spawns are completely random so what did spawn....may change the next Reload. Sometimes it can be harder....sometimes easier. You don't lose any Soul Runes until Level 11 so....don't be afraid to try some things. See what works best for that character.
    - Once you hit Level 15....your character should be formed for the Epics. You should be able to solo travel easy enough but the fights can still be tricky for some mobs.
    - Level 18 you should be handling most mobs fine and then able to raid the Bandits fairly well....being rushing in!
    - Level 20 you should be able to take Bandit might have some trouble if your gear is not Superior or Higher! DR DR DR You should also be able to start partying the Epic Challenges...maybe earlier if your gear is appropriate.
    - Level 25 you should be able to XP the still may get pounded....but you can beat the fights. Epics are excellent XP and can do them regularly.
    - Level 30+ you should be able to reliably handle the Bandit Bosses and XP most of the is better.

    The suggestion to Guage your Character by How Well You Handle the Bandits. If you slaughter them easily...then...take on some Epic Challenges. Are they still tough at Level 30? may be lacking DR Jewelry....or maybe strategy wise you are letting the AI get the better of you. No up.

    PLEASE REMEMBER....WE Don't WANT any One Class to Dominate ALL Bandits with AOE Mass Death Spells. So...some Spell Saves are increased. The challenge is there....use variety and flex up.

    Fairness Doctrine:
    - Can you blast an AOE into the mob and wipe them out? The Real Question is.....SHOULD you? When you are in a party....we are ALL there to have fun. it fun to watch some Uber Dude Wipe Everything Clean for easy XP? Sometimes it is but Usually it is not. What gets players to 'Stick' in a Server is to be pushed until they are ready to Break. Get a Real Experience out of the game. The challenge is there yes....but did they 'Feel' challenged? So...get everyone involved...maybe the Upper Class Fellow needs to step back and allow how the party is supposed to function with Tanks leading the way. Flex up and throw in a Debil Spell and throw some Clarity or Mind Blanks around then roll the battle how it ensues. Getting crazy? Maybe it is time to Bail or maybe pull out the Massive Damages and save the day. The point is....let the party develop as the party goes. Get players involved and into the fray. That is when word of mouth spreads. Statements like 'I was falling off my chair watching TW do his death rush' is terrific. Gets other players to get this addictive experience....which...brings more players to Bite the Hook. So Be Fair and make the battle interesting....even if you can smoke the whole challenge in 5 minutes....make it count. It will even make it more fun for you.

    Role Playing:
    - Above everything else stated above. The fun in NWN has always been the excellent Role Play. Slow things down and don't worry about the challenge. Enjoy the fun of drinking and joking. We are all here for both the Role Play and the Heart Thumping Action of being swarmed by mobs. Role Play the action and give your character some real flavor.

    Note on Using TeamSpeak:
    - Use TeamSpeak when we have Raids that are Not Role Played Raids. Basically....a group of players gathering up to mash a Dungeon. Excellent Fun. Useless for Roleplaying. So....join the Fun of TeamSpeak Guantlet Raids (there will be many HUGE raids) but watch for the Role Played Raids. Use TeamSpeak while the battle is on but switch back to RP to keep the Flavor.

    TeamSpeak Server Info is in game in your Journal (Private/Non Forum Information)

    Thanks for Reading

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