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    Umbar "Extra" Feats Empty Umbar "Extra" Feats

    Post  Drinin on Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:39 am

    The Umbar extra feats shouldn’t be Two-Weapon Fighting and Ambidextry, but instead should be Two-Weapon Fighting and Improved Two-Weapon Fighting. There are three big reasons for this that I hope will change your mind. The reasons for this are practicality, role play and it makes sense.

    First, it is far more practical to change the feats. Neverwinter Night’s level up features doesn’t consider you to have Two-Weapon Fighting and Ambidextry on level up, so if you want Improved Two-Weapon Fighting you need to take those feats again. It doesn’t make the feats free feats as you see it taking away two free feats from you, which other classes have. It is more of a hindrance than it is helpful.

    Next, would be for role play. To be naturally ambidextrous is rare few have the ability. To say that all Umbar are ambidextrous would be implying that they are all inbred. I remember you telling me one day that the Umbar just have training in using small weapons in their off-hand which does make sense on why they have those feats all except ambidextry. They may be better at duel wield than other’s because of their training in it, but that should be reflected with Improved Two-Weapon Fighting.

    Finally, it makes more sense. It give us two free feats, the only feat we would have to take is Ambidextry if we want the minus’s to our attack bonus lowered. It allows the players of Umbar more freedom, which there are few of us, to be better like the other race’s. It takes away the inbreeding theory for why they are all ambidextrous which can also be said why they are so evil. It would be a cultural thing, which also explains why they use two weapons and are good at it.

    In conclusion, the extra feats should be Two-Weapon Fighting and Improved Two-Weapon Fighting. It is more practical, makes sense and better for role play application. I hope you will think on the three points and the reasoning I brought forward. I hope to see a reply or change soon.

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    Umbar "Extra" Feats Empty Re: Umbar "Extra" Feats

    Post  Olander on Sat Jul 24, 2010 6:10 am

    I thought about this quite a bit actually. I stand with what the original intent of the skin was.

    If you examine the Pictures on the Web Pages you will notice that the Umbar do not wield heavy weapons and armor. They are a desert and seafaring race....lighter and more dexterity is better.

    The Free Feats are not as you explained....'Naturally' is simply how they grow into their trades. Most Umbar are not trusted in the other races...but....those that are are usually hired for spy work and other stealthy deeds. The Umbar have absolutely no problem cutting someone's throat to progress their own needs....The Merchant Elite. do the dirty work of the world....small weapons are well as being able to use either hand equally well.

    There is a slight difference from the Umbar and the ancient Persians....but close enough for you to research.

    As for the Improved Two Weapon get that 2nd Off-Hand attack at a specialty....and actually NOT a good feat to have. If you want the feat that badly....then go ahead and take the 3 feats required to get it. This just means you are dedicated to training your Off-Hand.

    In my humble opinion....anyone who takes I2WF is an idiot. Too many other feats that are much better.

    The Skin stays how it is.

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