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    Post  Drinin on Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:57 pm

    Alright, lets do this a second time.

    Please Note that Personal Bonuses and Elemental Damage/Bonuses must be added at the Enchanting Table

    1. The tailor loom isn't give me my Artisian bonus when I make silk. The leather working table works though.

    Did not think of the possibility of High Level Crafts.....issue resolved on next reload.

    2. The jewelry table isn't giving my jewlery items ac bonus or universal save bonus like it says in crafting site. I know the universal save bonus is only 100% on legendary, but i crafted two legendary rings, a necklace and nothing! AC isn't showing up like its supposed to either, but the dr is, with a +4 ability mod on legendary, and skill bonus for the Adamnatine.

    Resolved the issue....had to separate the Randomized Gear in the Markets from the Crafting works properly.

    3. Artisian Platinum Necklace,Artisian Diamond Necklace, Artisian Ruby Ring aren't getting any bonus' it seems i have to hope for a Legendary roll to get +4 ability mod and +10 skill mod, in something. The Legendary Ruby Necklace is proof of that. I kept the items just for you O, just so you could see.

    Same issue as above.

    4. The Ore Smelting station's are the only thing boosting my Metalworking skill. The Metalworking Station doesn't boost anything no matter how many copper daggers I make. I used all the table and nothing.

    Not sure what you mean fine (made a Copper Dagger offline from scratch of ore). Remember that if you are Crafting a 'Green' Tier like Copper Dagger in your example....once you have 50 Craft attempts then you can no longer advance your skill in that craft. So...each Tier * 50 is the Max Crafts in any one Trade Skill. So....smelting a lot of Copper Bars....will gain you craft attempts up to 50 and no more.
    I hope this helps instead of just dribbling on and on. Anyway, those were the bugs I found and I hope they help you to fix it.

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    Crafting Systems Empty Woodworking Bug

    Post  holty on Fri Jul 23, 2010 4:17 am

    Unable to turn wood into planks tried with elm and oak. So unable to try the woodworking table.

    Edit By Olander: I did not find a problem. Please Make sure you are Equipping the Wood Axe at the Wood Saw Horse and the Woodworking Axe at the Woodworking Table. The names are similar so maybe this was the problem?

    Yes i was trying to use woodworking axe wood axe works on saw thanks.

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    Post  BlackRavan on Fri Jul 23, 2010 4:39 am

    Olander is currently away. So these will be fixed on his return thanks for the reports.

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    Post  Olander on Sat Jul 24, 2010 5:53 am

    All above resolved.

    This Topic Closed.

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