Alignment problems


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    Alignment problems

    Post  babyneka on Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:15 pm

    HI. Somehow the alignment on our hobbits has been changed from good to neutral. Now Merin is stick in the Welcome to Anvarath space and I am stuck in the afterlife. Is there any help for us or do we have to make new chars?

    Sago and Merin

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    Re: Alignment problems

    Post  BlackRavan on Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:25 am

    I can help you guys out next time you are on or any other dm can also.

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    Re: Alignment problems

    Post  Olander on Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:04 pm

    Well....nothing has changed. Maybe what has happened is that you were partied up with an Umbar and when the Umbar slays Good or Neutral aligned NPCs....they get more Evil.

    Since this is a PvE Server....I will removed that feature (works really well with True Party Tech since there are no partying). People liked the Party**sigh**

    Code removed.

    For your characters....Neutral is not allowed so you probably became neutral somehow. Any DM can fix.

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    Re: Alignment problems

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