The Role Player's Gift of Gabber


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    The Role Player's Gift of Gabber Empty The Role Player's Gift of Gabber

    Post  Olander on Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:58 am think you are a Role Player? Prove it in the best of the best.

    Excellent Role Play will get you XP....a 50,000 <= Yes...4 Zeros. PLUS you can purchase a FREE Artisan piece of gear from the Trond Markets!

    Rules of Engagement:
    DMs will post in this category someone whom they think are fitting for the XP gift. We will edit the post and say yes or no. Yes and a small blurb why. If we all vote yes....then you get 50k XP from any of use when in game.

    Once the XP has been will be noted...this means only 1 time per character. As you can see....each character made has this potential.

    Guidelines before an Entry can be made:
    - Must be 20 Levels Minimum
    - Must be seen in game a minimum of twice Per Week
    - Must stay in character as the chosen racial profile that is on the Web Site (If you have questions or ideas about a particular race...please email Olander at the Contact info in game or PM me here). I will be very particular about testing you when in game as you are acting as part of your race!
    - Your Character clothing 'should' be in somewhat taste to what the Race 'Prefers' to wear. For example....if you are a Nord and Dress like a Woad or Busk....then you will take a HUGE deduct in your total opinion. However, if it is not so Obvious....then....all is fine. So...make the changing mirror work! Very Happy

    **Please Note: During a Guantlet Run/Raid there is no requirement to Role Play....particularly if we are TeamSpeak during the Raid. However, after or in between fights.....jump back into character.

    See you in game.

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